Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Christmas was rather interesting, while it was spent with the usual suspects, things were strange...maybe I should say estranged.

If you know me you'll be able to fill in the blanks...

_____ was sick and not able to attend
_____ was just tired of BS and decided not to attend
_____ was still stalkerish and monitoring people
_____ was nice and it was very out of character
_____ was the worker bee as usual, but didn't get angry
_____ was just there walking around with holiday cheer
_____ was happy at first but quickly turned impatient
_____ was dancing around as usual
_____ was uncharacteristically rude and intolerable
_____ was there, ate, laughed, slept

As for me, I obviously played the observant role. I don't know if it is because I am older and there are no little kids in our family at the moment, but the holidays just don't seem as fun as they used to be. I don't think I am so humbug as to deserve a lump of coal but I'm definitely vacationing next year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post Turkey Day

I hope everyone had an awesome turkey day! Of course we had some good eats at home and then some questionables at the relatives house, but I won't go into that with great detail. I did experiment this year with sweet potato pie...although not difficult to make, the first one I apparently did not mash the sweet potatoes enough so while it taste good it was a little chunky! The second one I mashed and mashed and mashed...for a while I thought I may have mashed it too much, but it turned out amazing. Needless to say the second one is gone and the chunky masterpiece is still lingering! Someone will eat it I guess...

In other news I am in need of a serious vacation. Anywhere but here is how I'm feeling right about now. Maybe I should shorten the broadness of that...anywhere that is not ridiculously hot(I am a winter baby) and has entertainment. I would like to have a think-less vacation...the less brain power needed the better!

Happy Wednesday!