Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday

Happy Friday and best of all, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the Steelers are going to win the Super Bowl!!! I don't know much about the Cardinals and I admit to not even knowing such a football organization existed (clearly I only knew of the Cardinal baseball team), but regardless they're going down!

It seems every time I turn on the news a major company is laying of thousands of workers. I was shocked when I heard about Microsoft, but no one seems to be exempt. I have compiled a running list (courtesy of Forbes), all of which happened in January (yes this month):

AT&T - 12,000 jobs
Credit Suisse - 5,300 jobs and 1,200 contracting jobs
DuPont - 2,500 jobs
Viacom - 850 jobs
Avis - 2,200+jobs
State Street Corp - 1,600 to 1,800 jobs
Jefferies Group - 358 jobs plus closing 3 international offices
Carlyle Group - 10% of staff
Boeing - 4,500 jobs
Microsoft - 5,000 jobs
Caterpillar - 20,000 jobs
Pfizer - 8,000 jobs
SprintNextel - 8,000 jobs
Home Depot - 7,000 jobs
General Motors - 2,000 jobs
Texas Instrument - 3,400 jobs
Phillips Electronics - 6,000 jobs worldwide
Corus Group - 3,500 jobs
ING - 7,000 jobs
Starbucks - 6,700 jobs, closes 900 stores
Target - 600 jobs, 400 positions closed
AOL (Time Warner) - 700 jobs
Merillat (Masco) - 70 jobs
SPX - 400 jobs
Intel - 5,000 jobs
Walt Disney - 600 voluntary buyouts for executives
Wynn Resorts - 53 jobs, construction
Eaton - 5,200 jobs, 78 in Iowa
Warner Brothers (Time Warner) - 800 jobs
Clear Channel Communications - 1,850 jobs
Deere & Co - 120 at Iowa plant
ConocoPhillips - 1,300 jobs
Hertz Global Holdings - 4,000 jobs
WellPoint - 600 jobs, 900 positions closed
Advanced Micro Devices - 1,100 jobs
Xerox - 275 jobs in NY
MeadWestvaco - 2,000 jobs
IBM - 2,800 jobs
Lincoln National - 540 jobs
Ambercrombie & Fitch - 50 jobs
Harley-Davidson - 1,100 jobs
Huntsman - 1,175 jobs, 490 contractors
Burlington Santa Fe - 2,500 jobs
UAL - 1,000 jobs
Autodesk - 750 jobs
Marshall & Ilsley - 830 jobs
General Electric - 1,000 jobs
Ecolab - 1,000 jobs
Delta Air Lines - 2,000 get early retirement
Motorola - 4,000 jobs
Google - 100 jobs
Cummins - 800 jobs, salary freeze in place for the rest of the year
Mosaic - 1,000 jobs
Textron - 2,000 jobs
Best Buy - 500 jobs
Precision Castparts - 40 jobs
Oracle - 500 jobs
Freeport-McMoRan - 1,550 jobs
Smithfield Foods' - 75 jobs at Missouri plant
Union Pacific - 230 jobs
General Dynamics - 179 jobs
Walgreen - 1,000 jobs
EMC - 2,400 jobs
Alcoa - 13,500 jobs, salary and hiring freeze globally
Aqua Glass (Masco) - 30 jobs
Cigna - 1,100 jobs
United States Steel - 50 jobs, Texas production closed

I cannot begin to imagine the feeling of not knowing whether or not you are going to have a job by the end of the day. Hopefully the newly proposed economic stimulus plan will help to alleviate some of the pressures of this failing economy, I guess time will be the truth serum.

I will say that I actually enjoy reading the White House website. I love the fact that President Obama (love saying that!!!) is allowing the public that elects these officials into office the opportunity to see what's going on.

Finally, and on a slightly lighter accord...there are times when a really cute commercial catches my eye. I must say that the commercial below I LOVE not only for the message behind it, but it is sooo adorable and the old lady looking out the window has the best reaction! I hope you enjoy it also!!!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

While I was really excited to have snow on Tuesday, the ice that followed kind of ruined it for me. Snow I can deal with, but ice?!? It was really pretty though and while I did venture to work yesterday even though my car, as you can see, was covered in a thick sheet of ice as well as my neighborhood street...the commute to work wasn't too painful. Sarge enjoyed the snow, but had a slide sink walk on the ice covered snow. It was cute, but I felt bad for him.

I am however very optimistic for my big snow storm! I want at least a foot and a half so hopefully February brings in the snow. I know all of the summer people are going to hate me for saying that but SO WHAT :-P It's winter get over it!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

It's Tuesday and it is SNOWING!!!!!! I am so elated to finally be in the midst of snow. It's so pretty, but I hope I can drive home because people around here can't drive when the sun doesn't shine so now that there is snow and the threat of ice later...I am definitely leaving before rush hour, and I mean WAAAYYYY before!

Happy Tuesday, be safe and watch out cause I may be throwing snowballs later :-P

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What The....

Lovely Tuesday morning with a series of what the...

I have a lovely view of the National Museum of the American Indian and the Capitol Building, but imagine my shock when looking out this morning and seeing a firefighter hooking up a hose to the hydrant below. Not only that, even more there are four or five fire trucks surrounding the building. I look down the hall and there are eight to ten firemen running through the lobby. My first thought is something must be on fire, why are we still in the building? Next is anger because not only are we still in the building, but they are still allowing individuals to enter. Allegedly, someone reported a fire on the roof. I didn't know it was policy for the investigation of a fire to ensue before removing people from the building. I have an issue with that.

This needs no is simply WHAT THE?!?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Morning World

It is pretty cool outside and I love it!!! I hope we get a big snow really soon. I know we are getting a teaser on my birthday and I keep hearing people talk about how they have so much snow and it keeps snowing...I'm thinking to myself *rub it in why don't you* Wishful thinking, hoping and praying for a decent snowing soon!

I actually enjoyed watching football yesterday...probably because of the company I was with, but we are hoping for an Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl *fingers crossed*

Not much else to talk about. Just preparing for my birthday and you know:

I ♥ birthday cake!

I'm celebrating from the 15th thru the 31st so I'll have a little something for everyone to do. Send me an email or call me and I'll fill you in!!!!

Have a Fabulous Monday!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Winter *Summer* Rain

Happy Wednesday...two days to go!

I'm over all of this rain and I really wish it were snowing instead. A nice blizzard is looking really dismal at this point.

What happening in the news today...

~ If you were planning on attempting to attend any of the inaugural festivities via metro on January 20th and were then informed that the station where you planned to park was closed to public may be in luck! You can once again plan to park at your station of choice, except Minnesota Ave which only Metro employees will be able to use. Although Metro now has 60,000 spaces to offer, you'll still have to pay the $4 parking fee. A deal for some considering parking is normally closer to the $5 range.

~~ The Obama-Biden Transition Team has posted pictures of President-elect Obama and his family preparing for the first day of classes.

~~~ Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett is honoring members of the Fire and Rescue Crew members and members of the River Rescue Team for rescuing the nine motorists that were trapped when River Road literally transformed into a river after a water main break.

~~~~ Some idiot decided to steal an ambulance from Southern Maryland Hospital. Why you would steal an ambulance is beyond me. Not the best vehicle for blending in with the limited traffic on the road at midnight. Of course this genius was taken in to custody.

Have a Great Day...splash in a puddle!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A short message for today:

If you are sick, ill, feeling under the weather, can't breathe, having non-dry coughs, chills, sweats, sneezing spells, runny nose, rosey cheeks, sore throat, or anything else that will make me feel the need to spray Lysol or wipe down anything you touched with a Clorox wipe (lemon scented of course!)...

Also, if you cannot drive in the rain, hence you feel the need to do, say 40 on the highway...take a back road, public transportation, or just stay home. Don't try to brave the elements yourself, you may cause an accident.

That's all I have in the effects of public service announcements for today.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Mourning

I ♥ Monday :-(

Unfortunately, there is no heat in the building resulting in this being the second day I've frozen. Clearly there has to be some kind of rule against working in the cold. Granted it is supposed to be in the 50's today, but it's not right now and I'm still cold! Also to add to the misfortune, since the holidays are over, everyone will be back in the office. I enjoyed the silence, but I guess it's time to move forward!

This weekend I went to an after Christmas party and got punk'd big time by my alleged friends! It was funny afterwards, but during I really didn't know what to think and it wasn't all that humorous to me! All in all it was a good time though and nice way to start the year. Squirt left yesterday so I have resumed my role of hermit crab foster parenting. They are pretty interesting little creatures. I talk to them, they come out, walk around a bit and then I put them back in their little home. It's a good relationship...definitely the easiest pets I've ever taken care of. Speaking of pets I got attacked by 110lbs of Sarge at 1am last night. He jumped on my bed, took my spot, hogged the covers and made everything hot thanks to his fur. Not a good nights sleep at all...I woke up every hour. Of course he jumped off the bed when it was time for me to get up and went back to sleep on the floor. Silly dog!

In the news this weekend John Travolta's son, Jett died at the age of 16. The exact cause of death has not been determined, but speculations are either Kawasaki Disease or the improper medical attention for autism. The Travolta's are Scientologist and as a part of their beliefs, they do not consume western medicine or have treatments. While it is not up to me to judge who or what anyone believes in, at some point is non-treatment for a child based on the parents beliefs deemed child abuse in the eyes of the state? I know that it is a touchy subject, but if his and the lives of so many other children could potentially be saved with common medication at what point does the parent have the right to deny life to that child? Should there be an age limit to which the child must receive proper medical attention? I really hope his death was not the result of something that could have simply been treated.

I wish you a nice WARMER Monday than I am having...

Friday, January 2, 2009


I can't believe that it is 2009 seems like summertime was just here, or it could be these faux winter days we have been experiencing that have clouded my time perception.

Regardless of where my mind thinks the time is presently there is no denying 2009 is definitely here. Usually I have some inspiring words and some motivational something or other, but unfortunately I am fresh out! The inspiration fairy skipped me this go around so the best I can do is offer you a Happy New Year!

As for myself, I don't do resolutions. My focus for this year, as discussed with a friend, is to have no repeats of mistakes from 2008. I am also trying to keep my temper and anger level at a minimum. That is probably going to be the hardest thing I am attempting to do. Luckily for some it will be a welcomed change. While I cannot commit to being extra nice and smiles and giggles with everyone, I'll make the effort not to be overly mean. This does not mean if I already do not care for you that I am just going to be jumping for joy when you come around but I can be civil at the very least, it won't kill me.

In other news, apparently I am a little directionally challenged when it comes to telling my left from my right. I got in my car this morning and it said check front right tire pressure. Ok it's cold out and dark, but I wanted to do the right thing so I went to the gas station to get some air. My father and I had discussed the scientific mumbo jumbo that goes along with why the tire pressure changes with the temperatures, but I can't remember the exact way that the conversation went so I cannot share that at this moment. Back to the story - so I go to put the air in the tire waited for the thing to make the sound that means it was at 36 and figured it was done. I start the car again and it still says check front right tire pressure. Ok now I'm like what the heck is going the air machine defective? Again, I put more air in the tire that I was certain already had enough air, start the car again and now I have a streaming message....check front right tire pressure....check front left tire pressure. I push the button to see what the numbers are...front left is 48 and front right is 23. I feel really slow at this point because all of this time I have been filling and checking the wrong tire....ARRGGHHH. And sadly I can admit that I should have put air in that tire a while ago because I checked the numbers and it has always been lower than the others, but when I checked it manually with the tire gauge (still the wrong tire) the numbers were fine. I may need to label my hands with a l and r so I can tell the difference in the future, way to go me! Hope that made you chuckle a little...

Have a Great Weekend!