Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My father's surgery went really well...he should be home sometime this weekend *fingers crossed* He's pretty drugged up right now and only stays awake for little spurts of time, but the surgeons are hopefully that this last surgery should alleviate a lot of pain that he was experiencing. It's kinda tough seeing someone you look up to and look at as indestructible when your a wee little one, in pain and actually realizing those visions have met reality and no man is "super" on Earth.

Thank you for all of the prays and well wishes, they mean more than you know!

In lieu of the current economic state of the United States, I have a new found respect for anything that was made in America. It's different to hear statistics on the news regarding the rising unemployment rate, but to actually know families that it's affecting is a totally un-real experience. With that stated I would like to call this my top most wanted American rides. Foreign cars will always have an appeal to the masses, based on past reliability, and current/future technologies, but don't count domestics out yet. Every time I see an upgraded model, the features just get better and better. I'm not trying to tell you (or maybe I am...send it back...send it back!!!) trade in the BMW 6 series or Mercedes E-class with infrared technology, but you may find that all of those creature comforts that appealed to you when first purchasing, you don't even utilize. You might actually be pleasantly surprised!

*Disclaimer - No Fords were harmed in the making of this list...we just don't like them!

1. Dodge Challenger -

I absolutely LOVE and I really do mean LOVE this car!! It is hot and an added bonus is I get to see it every week on NCIS: just purrs every time it's started. Dreaminess! Too bad no one I know has one :-(

2. Chevy Camaro -

Old school school technology. I love this car too, though not as much as the Challenger but it is pretty close!

3. Chevy Tahoe -

My Daddy has a Chevy SUV and since I basically drove his SUV and my little car when I was learning how to drive I got spoiled. Nothing compares to a riding up high and being able to see everything. It rides like a car, very smooth and easy to operate the controls. Also has bucket seating in the second row, Squirt and I loved it!

4. Cadillac STS -

I like to get my grown woman on from time to time and this ride is definitely a go getter. There isn't a smoother ride out there!

5. Cadillac CTS -

Nice car, not better than the STS in my opinion, but dad and Squirt like this one more.

6. Buick Lacrosse -

You want luxury comparable to the foreign got it! This car has all and more, just take your pick!

I ♥ This Commercial

I am not endorsing AT&T at all, but I love this's so cute!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bring It On...

Have you ever had a week that you just felt the need to revert back to childhood and kick, scream, scratch and fall out on the floor turning in circles? Thus my week of pure hell has come to a close and not a moment too soon! I literally woke up Thursday feeling the need to have a lovely glass of wine to get me through the first part of the day. I know there are plenty of personalities that we encounter on a daily basis, but I feel like I hit the jackpot last week; from stuck up and rude, to ignorant and just disrespectful. Maybe somethings in the water or maybe in the air, I don't know, but this week has to be better.

My father is having his 3rd and hopefully last surgery on his spinal cord tomorrow. He seems to be pretty relaxed this time around. I'm a little nervous, but things are expected to go well. I know it's going to be a longer surgery than his previous ones. I'm prayerful.

Oh and in other news, Sarge thinks he's super dog and for some reason loves to chase the deer in the woods behind the house. I made Sarge fashion forward and bought him this chartreuse colored collar and what does he do...snapped it in half on a rampage after the deer! I'm running out of colors! I try to give him a different look every time we buy a new one so we have already had black, red, purple, blue (two shades) and now green. Since he is dark brown with tan shading, he looks really nice in the red and the green. I thought about getting him pink, but my father may have an issue with that lol. Maybe I can find an orange one, that would be lovely because it's my fav color and also looks good with brown. I'll be sure to post a picture of the new accessory.

Yesterday we had family brunch and football at my aunt's in Silver Spring and let me just say we had sooo much food it was ridiculous. Of course since we're from the country we had fish and grits, but not just fish, we had spot, croaker, black bass, lean and perch! I was soo full from croaker and lean that I couldn't even get any perch :-( There was also eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, salmon cakes, cinnamon buns, doughnuts wine and juice. I love breakfast so that was great for me! We watched the Pittsburgh/Minnesota game together and I just love talking trash, but I was worried a few times though, but my boys worked it out and gave Minnesota their first L of the season....oh well!! I suppose family's not bad all the time, but don't quote me on saying that!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And Then There Was HEAT

Finally someone had pity on us lowly workers and decided to turn the heat on in the building. Thank You! I am the first to admit I hate being hot and am more of a fan of AC as opposed to heat, but as much as I love winter, I would like to leave it outside! It's hard typing with frozen fingers ya know?

Moving forward, since it is ghoul and goblin season I was thinking of dressing good ole' Sarge up as something this year. I haven't quite thought about it too deeply yet, but it will definitely have to be something that he can't finaggle his way out of too easily. Maybe an Elmo, or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or a Moo Cow?? I'll post a picture once we decide what he will transform into!

I would also like to extend a HUGE Congratulations to Amster and Eddie on their expected baby joy coming in March! I am soo ecstatic!! This will be baby #3 in my circle of friends. My mother is pressed to have a grandchild, but I told her I would get a puppy and she could watch him anytime she wants....of course that didn't fly too well, LOL. Oh well, maybe I can borrow a baby for a day and it will make her feel better :-)

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ahhh Mid-Week

Well well well the cool weather is finally here, whether it's here to stay that's yet to be seen, but I'm enjoying the crispness for now.

~Tuesday I had an exam in my astronomy class and I was quite entertained. I always find humor when there are multiple choice selections that make absolutely no sense. I then wonder though do people really pick these answers? I hope not, you would really have to be crazy to think, for instance:

A crater is created when an asteroid hits the Earth, melts down into a pool and then drains down into the Earth leaving the hole.

~I just found out the National Geographic Museum is going to have an exhibit of Terra Cotta warriors, guardians of China's first emperor starting 11.19.09. I am sooo excited and I can't wait. If anyone is interested in going, let me know!

~The Journey....Day 15, well in progressing I have a noted change. Reconnecting with a truly great and dear friend. At first, I was a little apprehensive since we hadn't talked the last year or so, but we picked right back up where we left off soooo I'm super excited!

Enjoy this rainy weather!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Old Bay...Oh My!!!

Sitting at my desk this morning, listening to the radio, and if you live in the area you've probably heard the Washington Post commercials that run down some of the topics discussed in the paper for the day and to my utter surprise, Old Bay seasoning has an article!!! My fingers started typing super fast so that I could read about my favorite seasoning. Old Bay is celebrating its 70th anniversary and as a tribute, there is a separate section to discuss creative ways to use Old Bay because of course, it's not just for seafood - I thought I would list the things I mix Old Bay with:

  • Grits - I know you may find this weird but if you try it...I'm guaranteeing you'll love it!! The key is to mix it in the water before you bring it to a boil and add the grits. They will have an orange-ish tint!
  • Scrabbled Eggs - Only a little and some pepper jack cheese.
  • Ground Turkey - Depending on where it's getting cooked, on the grill is a definite yes!
  • Chicken - If it's being fried or broiled
  • Vegetables - If they are being roasted in the oven (but not asparagus)
  • Ketchup - To eat with french fries
  • Ground Beef - Occasionally

Something missing? Yes, I do not like Old Bay on seafood even though it started off as a seafood seasoning because I find it too overpowering! I prefer to taste the seafood as opposed to the seasoning and since most seafood has a light flavor any way, garlic and pepper with a splash of lemon work just fine for me.

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Happy Monday! My allergies are really having fun...yesterday was the lovely post-nasal drip, today is the congested, I dare you to make any sudden moves head pressure. I really don't know which is better/worse.

Yesterday was a good day of football. The home team (Redskins) won...finally, although the 1st half was sad and pathetic. The Cowboys lost to one of my favorite teams...the Broncos (4-0)! And my lovely Steelers are finally back in the winners circle. My son's (not really my son) team the Saints are 4-0 as well. I'd say not just was a great day of football.

I definitely have a laundry list of things to complete today, so I wish you the best Monday ever!

Have a productive day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


From our excursion to the Baltimore Aquarium last weekend...

Zoey...being Zoey...busy as usual!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Journey...Day 2...


I have been an absentee blogger and I find myself saying this more and more. With school starting my time has not been my own, however I am going to make an effort to write at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Welcome to October!! I cannot believe that we have less than 3 months to go before the start of 2010. I have no idea where this year has gone. Although I have completed many things I set out to do this year, I have a feeling that I'm only at the half way point and the pressure is on! This month is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, make sure you try to do something to support the cause.

My personal goal for the month is to try and be more understanding of other people. I didn't do such a good job of this last month and it's really hard to see other's perspectives when you already have in your mind how a task or operation is supposed to go. I feel like I am this constant art project - meaning pieces of me are continually reinvented...I've been sanded, recolored, redrawn, rethought, and still I continue to evolve with each new process. It is a very difficult for me to step outside of this box I call "home" and be accepting of other's ideas, whether good or bad, but at the same time if it means in 3 months and 13 days that at 27 (yuck I hate the way that sounds) I am a more accomplished and well rounded individual then, I am very humbled and appreciative of the experience. I guess it really does take almost losing something really great to make the light bulb turn on...Lesson Learned.

Happy Friday and Enjoy this Cool Crisp Fall Air!!

PS. My wish for Chicago to be the 2016 Olympics location has officially been silenced...Rio anyone?