Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Morning World

It is pretty cool outside and I love it!!! I hope we get a big snow really soon. I know we are getting a teaser on my birthday and I keep hearing people talk about how they have so much snow and it keeps snowing...I'm thinking to myself *rub it in why don't you* Wishful thinking, hoping and praying for a decent snowing soon!

I actually enjoyed watching football yesterday...probably because of the company I was with, but we are hoping for an Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl *fingers crossed*

Not much else to talk about. Just preparing for my birthday and you know:

I ♥ birthday cake!

I'm celebrating from the 15th thru the 31st so I'll have a little something for everyone to do. Send me an email or call me and I'll fill you in!!!!

Have a Fabulous Monday!