Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Car Dreams and Hot Rod Wishes

In lieu of the current economic state of the United States, I have a new found respect for anything that was made in America. It's different to hear statistics on the news regarding the rising unemployment rate, but to actually know families that it's affecting is a totally un-real experience. With that stated I would like to call this my top most wanted American rides. Foreign cars will always have an appeal to the masses, based on past reliability, and current/future technologies, but don't count domestics out yet. Every time I see an upgraded model, the features just get better and better. I'm not trying to tell you (or maybe I am...send it back...send it back!!!) trade in the BMW 6 series or Mercedes E-class with infrared technology, but you may find that all of those creature comforts that appealed to you when first purchasing, you don't even utilize. You might actually be pleasantly surprised!

*Disclaimer - No Fords were harmed in the making of this list...we just don't like them!

1. Dodge Challenger -

I absolutely LOVE and I really do mean LOVE this car!! It is hot and an added bonus is I get to see it every week on NCIS: just purrs every time it's started. Dreaminess! Too bad no one I know has one :-(

2. Chevy Camaro -

Old school school technology. I love this car too, though not as much as the Challenger but it is pretty close!

3. Chevy Tahoe -

My Daddy has a Chevy SUV and since I basically drove his SUV and my little car when I was learning how to drive I got spoiled. Nothing compares to a riding up high and being able to see everything. It rides like a car, very smooth and easy to operate the controls. Also has bucket seating in the second row, Squirt and I loved it!

4. Cadillac STS -

I like to get my grown woman on from time to time and this ride is definitely a go getter. There isn't a smoother ride out there!

5. Cadillac CTS -

Nice car, not better than the STS in my opinion, but dad and Squirt like this one more.

6. Buick Lacrosse -

You want luxury comparable to the foreign got it! This car has all and more, just take your pick!