Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

Wow, November already eh? It doesn't even feel like October existed, at least to me anyway. I'm guessing it's time for me to prepare for the holidays. That means, cakes to bake, cards to write, gifts to buy, and limited rest to get. I'm pseudo looking forward to the next 2 months, but I'm going to write out a plan so that I remain stress free (or at least try to).

Today is a bittersweet day. My brother would have been 34 today. I miss him terribly, but it doesn't hurt as much anymore. It's been 8 years now and even though I may get a little teary eyed here and there, I've let go of the anger that went along with it. I can look back and remember the good times, the fights and the words he used to make up. The memories good and bad make me smile. So today while I wish him a lovingly happy 34th, I'll reflect on it all, even the mischievous times when I used to get him in trouble!

Happy Birthday Avery, you are truly loved and deeply missed!


Amy said...

Happy November to you too and yes, October really flew by! It must be hard to lose a brother- thinking of you! Big hugs and look forward to seeing you soon. -Amy