Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated

Sunflower Halved Hypersaturated
Yes this is a real sunflower I took this shot a couple of summers ago in the garden outside my work window

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

American History

Took a side trip to the National Museum of American History yesterday. The museum had been under a remodeling for a while and opened maybe the earlier part of this year or late last year, regardless it looks great and is HUGE. I went to see the I Do Solemnly Swear: Photographs of the 2009 Inauguration and completely got sidetracked. There are sooo many wonderful exhibits to see (and sooo many tourists) that it was literally impossible to see it all in the short time frame I had. But I have a museum day planned for later this month so I'll explore the rest of the exhibits then. I did take some pictures while touring, and yes I am one of those crazy people who takes pictures through glass! Although I'm not as crazy as to turn the flash on while trying to shoot through glass, but some of the shots have strange glows due to the lighting in some of the cases. I will try to give you a run down of what is contained in the picture show below:

  1. Upon entering the museum (from the mall entrance) there is the flag displayed in a silver sculpture state
  2. A Betsy Ross imitator having children help her make the flag
  3. The Greensboro lunch counter
  4. Scurlock studio and photography equipment
  5. The America's at war (only the colonial time period, the exhibit hall was way too big)
  6. The Presidents
  7. American entertainment
  8. Photos of the 2009 Inauguration